Eggcorn sighted!

acorn.JPGWhat’s an eggcorn? It’s a linguistic error in which a similar-sounding and sensible word or phrase is substituted for the original, e.g., “eggcorn” for “acorn.” An acorn looks a little like an egg and is sort of like a kernel of corn, ergo, “eggcorn.” Another example is “free reign” for “free rein.”

I spotted a new one today — at least it isn’t in the Eggcorn Database yet. In a book review on a website that shall remain nameless, the author wrote of “a half-hazard throwing together of material.” A quick Google search shows 644 hits on “half-hazard.” I think it’ll catch on.


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  2. […] 9th, 2007 · No Comments Back in March I spotted what I thought was a new eggcorn: I spotted a new one today — at least it isn’t in […]

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