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Paul Bibeau at Book Festival

Sundays with VladThis morning while waiting to be interviewed on WINA*, I heard from Jane Foy that Paul Bibeau will be a speaker well worth hearing at this year’s Book Festival. He’ll be on the panel,”Dracula vs. Frankenstein: A Monster Mash of Fact and Fiction,” on Friday, March 28, at 6 p.m.

Jane got my blood to chillin’ when she confided, “You have no idea how many vampire groups there are in this country.” I assured her that I was very happy having no idea. Nevertheless, I understand that vampire expert Bibeau is quite the raconteur. For a sample, check out this podcast from the Charlottesville Podcasting Network, and learn more about his book, Sundays with Vlad, here.

*Oh, yes, about that interview. My fellow CHERCH lady Rachel and I were on Jane and Rick’s morning show to talk about our upcoming appearance at Wordplay, the fundraising game show formerly known as the Spelling Bee & Dee. (Catherine, our third teammate, was unable to join us, unfortunately.) Teams are forming now, but I have to warn you: the CHERCH ladies have no plans to choke in the second half this year, and our cheering team kicks raucous butt. There will be blood.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words. I’ve never been called a raconteur. I’ve been called plenty of other stuff, and sometimes people used hand gestures. But this is a first. Can’t wait to see Cville again!

  2. Could have been worse. I could have called you a bricoleur!

  3. […] readers, you most certainly may put together a team of three. But be warned: The CHERCH Ladies plan to rock the house! Perhaps you’d better just show up and cheer? Either way, it’s a […]

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