Setting sail with Patrick O’Brian wrote to me a few weeks ago to ask:

I’m very hungry for other blogs and observations about the Aubrey books….Where else can I read insights about the series from amateurs?

Oh, Jim, how I envy you! The Patrick O’Brian bug is freshly coursing through your veins! So many resources to recommend, how shall I choose?

The first, the best, the greatest, is the List of the World: The Gunroom. But be warned, the conversation sails by and large, and you have to be a Clever Jack to keep up. If you get in over your head, it might help to cruise over to Gibbons Burke’s venerable Gunroom Guide.

If you check out those two sites, plus the W. W. Norton site linked above, you’ll have plenty to keep you afloat in Aubrey/Maturin pleasures for weeks to come. Enjoy the journey!


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  1. I discovered Patrick O’Brien last summer when I read Master & Commander. Excellent. I’m glad other people are reading him too.

  2. I love the O’Brian books. I’ve been savoring the last part of the series, cause there will be no more. I’ll be posting reviews as I finish the series up in 2009.

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