links for 2008-12-09

  • "Every year, writer Clifford Garstang releases his rankings of literary journals at Perpetual Folly, weighing the number of Pushcart Prizes and nominations received by an individual publication for works of fiction–a metric that helps measure the most-celebrated journals for fiction writers."
  • I agree. Maud should stop torturing herself. It is so not worth it.
  • 'What attracted Susan Farewell to a book group called the IlluminaTea were guidelines that precluded such off-putting antics. No therapy talk, no chitchat and no skipping meetings. “It was very high-minded,” said Ms. Farewell, a travel writer in Westport, Conn. Members took turns selecting books, “and you felt that your choice was a measure of how intelligent and sophisticated and worldly you were,” she said.'

    "IlluminaTea"! Get it? "IlluminaTea"!! HAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA

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