links for 2008-12-18

  • Fixing the publishing world: "That circle of relationships – editors, readers, booksellers/librarians, authors, editors – is one of the few areas of excitement and profit that continues to grow in this era of flat-to-declining sales."
  • Cormac McCarthy's The Road: "It worked deep into me, so much that I ended a date prematurely with a beautiful, funny, charming woman just so I could take the longest possible subway ride home to burn through more of it."

    Now that's a good book.

  • "The Mixed Bag Challenge: a new question each week for the 15 weeks leading up to the Festival. Prizes include a bag for the best comment each week, and a raffle chance at Festival event tickets for each entry."

    Today's contest is my favorite so far…give it your best shot!

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