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Maybe once upon a time you were a writer and had big dreams about how you would write the great American novel or at least something decent that would be published and you’d have some loyal readers … but the dream has faded like the unrecognizable old stuffed doll you hand-sewed when you were 10.

Note the date: January 2009. It’s a brand-spanking-new year. Time to do something about those faded dreams. Check out WriterHouse, an organization that offers space for writers to come spend time creating their work, away from the chores and distractions of home and the noise of stores and restaurants.

WriterHouse began in the spring and opened a house at 508 Dale Ave., behind the Preston Road Bodo’s. Besides the open hours and quiet space, there are classes each quarter (the next ones to start Jan. 24), readings and one-day workshops. We are in luck because the next open house is from 2 to 4 p.m. Jan. 11….

via WriterHouse has room for big dreams | Charlottesville Daily Progress.

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