The Year in Reading: April 2008


Diary of a Bad Year, J. M. Coetzee, pub. 2007, F ****

  • The three-part structure of this novel overwhelmed the thin story, I thought. Disgrace is still my favorite of Coetzee’s.

The Annotated Archy and Mehitabel (Penguin Classics), Don Marquis, pub. 2006, F *****

  • Edited and annotated by Michael Sims. This book brought back some fond memories, and is a strong candidate for my favorite cover.

Run, Ann Patchett, pub. 2007, F ***

  • Critical reception: not Patchett’s best. I agreed.

After Hours at the Almost Home, Tara Yellen, pub. 2008, F ***

  • Yellen ties her story of hopeless barflies together with an unflinching climax.

Beyond Black: A Novel, Hilary Mantel, pub. 2006 F ****

  • Creepy, funny, sad: a different kind of ghost story. I’m not normally a big fan of the paranormal but I liked this one a lot. Very…human.

The Death of the Critic, Ronan McDonald, pub. 2007, NF ****

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