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The Year in Reading: June 2008

Oh, June, where did you go? I miss you. What were we reading then? That’s right, I remember:


Home Girl: Building a Dream House on a Lawless Block, Judith Matloff, pub.2008, NF ***

  • One woman’s story of gentrification. I got this as an advance reader copy from LibraryThing — I highly recommend their Early Reviewer program. There’s no obligation, and you have a pretty good chance of actually getting a book.

Escape from Amsterdam, Barrie Sherwood, pub. 2007, F ****

  • Another Early Reviewer copy. A quirky thriller in the Japanese style — “Amsterdam” is actually a faux-European theme park where nothing is what it seems.

Open: Love, Sex, and Life in an Open Marriage, Jenny Block, pub. 2008, NF ***

  • Block was a guest at WriterHouse — you can hear her presentation on the website. I felt the book sold open marriage a little too hard, but Block’s is a  needed voice in the discussion of modern marriage.

The Monster of Florence, Douglas Preston, pub. 2008, NF *****

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