links for 2009-02-03

  • 'HarperCollins has released their first video book, a filmed overview of Jeff Jarvis' new book, What Would Google Do? It's one of six projected titles that allow readers to watch their favorite writer on portable media devices.

    'Selling for $9.99, the book can be downloaded to both the iPod and iPhone. …Here's a description of the first v-book: "The 23-minute video has Jarvis speaking into a single camera with a white background. Instead of reading directly from the book, which was published last month by the company's Collins Business imprint, Jarvis runs through the basic concepts in the book, such as how Google has been able to compete so successfully on the web and what can be learned from its practices."'

    Not really a book, then, is it? More of what we used to call…a video. Of a guy talking.

  • Twitter Book Club? Why not! First selection is The Book of Unholy Mischief. Use hashtag #TBC1.
  • 'As every pedantic scholar, vindictive opinion writer, or petty editor knows, “[sic]” is the greatest passive-aggressive weapon in the armory of language: a one-syllable Latin snort translating roughly to “nice try” or “moron.” It is a clear assertion of more-grammatical-than-thou superiority and should be used sparingly but always spitefully.'
  • 'With advance money drying up as well as contracts, [ co-founder Evo] Terra says that aspiring writers now feel that "maybe I should try something on my own" and build an audience online.'
  • More than just publishing news — book clubs, book discussion, fan sites, and more.
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