VaBook 2009: Passes for Culbreth Events

Some important news from the Virginia Festival of the Book:

Headline Event Passes: A New Convenience

Free tickets to 8 p.m. Culbreth Theatre events are distributed one hour before each program’s start time on a first-come-first-served basis. This year, the Festival is pleased to announce a new convenience for those who like to attend the evening Culbreth Theatre events, but would prefer to know they have a ticket in advance: a $15 Headline Event Pass!

You will also receive one 15th Annual Virginia Festival of the Book shopping bag with the purchase of each pass.

Individual passes (each $15) are available for the following events online:

A $50 “All Access” pass includes a book bag and admission to all these events.

For more details on the advantages, seating arrangements, and restrictions, see the Headline Pass details.

I did not personally witness the unpleasantness at last year’s notorious event, but that didn’t prevent me from commenting on its irony. Fifteen dollars is a small price to pay to avoid trouble, folks! Also, how great to know you have a ticket in advance for some of these events! Plus I’m sure it helps with event planning. Think about it. Think about it seriously. Don’t make me get all “three cups of tea” on your butt.

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