links for 2009-02-22

  • "I've been a waitress. I know it's rough, and you develop weird shticks, and a lot of customers probably respond to the whole "co-conspirator" approach to dessert ordering, the sly proffering of the dessert menu, the impish wink of the enabler, otherwise it wouldn't be so common. But. Trying to "tempt" me or winkingly insinuate that there's something naughty about getting a piece of cake or generally carrying on as though we're somehow putting something over on someone by having a sweet is offensive. Because you know what? There's nothing particularly "decadent" or wild about ordering dessert. Is it because I'm a woman, and it's supposed to be taboo and naughty and yogurt-commercial-ish for me to be treating myself? Is the implication that I'm sneaking something or cheating on a diet?"

    Yes! And when I order a Coke, please stop reading my order back to me as "Diet Coke." I'm fat, I get it, but I still want regular Coke.

  • 'Can you truly afford to refer to the territory between the coasts as “flyover states” when there are good people there who want to enjoy books right now? If you’re an author or a publicist, can you afford to thumb your nose up at any media opportunity that isn’t the New York Times Book Review? Or are you not really all that interested in establishing relationships? If you’re a newspaper or a magazine, why aren’t you citing the blogs or providing helpful URLs to the blogs that break the stories or make the connections?'

    Sometimes you wonder if publishers even want to sell books. Great column.

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