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GET AN AGENT | Editor Unleashed

I won an e-book from Editor Unleashed: Get an Agent (regularly $15). It looks great — here’s a little information about it from the website:


It’s no secret that getting a literary agent can be just as difficult as writing a book. And of course, you’d rather be writing than spending your time on the unpleasant task of researching agents.

You’ve probably picked up a hard copy listing of agents that’s outdated. And you may have gotten lost in the maze of agent directories on the Web and ended up frustrated that many agents aren’t accepting queries from new writers.

That’s exactly why I created this E-Book featuring 100 literary agents who are accepting queries from new writers.

The 100 agents on this list represent every conceivable genre. And they all have these four things in common:

• They have a Web presence….

• They accept queries via e-mail….

• They’re reputable….

• They’re open to queries from new writers….

via GET AN AGENT | Editor Unleashed.

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