links for 2009-03-03

  • "Here's the deal: Download Blake's story "Tour of the Drowned Neighborhood," and have at it. Write a new story using just a few sentences, rearrange all of the sentences, scrap the whole thing and write your own story under that title. Turn it into a goddamned sestina. Do whatever you like, be as creative as possible, blow our minds, your mind and President Obama's sweet, sweet mind. Then, when you're done, send it to contest[at] Blake will judge. Two winners will be published in Scorch Atlas Remix, along with an awesome lineup of other authors, and both winners will receive free copies of Scorch Atlas (The Original Recordings), when it's available come fall. First-place winner will also receive a free two-year subscription to Paper Egg Books."

    A literary re-mix? Cool.

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