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links for 2009-03-10


    Make that "an intensely desirable giant bucket."

  • An excerpt from Quiverfull, by Kathryn Joyce:

    "[Visionary daughters] are future mothers of Israel. As such, they have no time to waste, or spirits to risk, by leaving home for college, work, or missions. They must instead make the revolutionary choice to “redeem the years” they have with their fathers and view their single lives as preparation for marriage: submitting themselves to their fathers and, to some extent, their brothers, as they will one day submit themselves to their husbands."

  • Marilyn Robinson in Paris Review:

    "Q: Does writing come easily to you?"

    "The difficulty of it cannot be overstated. But at its best, it involves a state of concentration that is a satisfying experience, not matter how difficult or frustrating. The sense of being focused like that is a marvelous feeling. It's one of the reasons I'm so willing to seclude myself and am a little bit grouchy when I have to deal with the reasonable expectations of the world."

    "Q: Do you keep to a schedule?"

    "I really am incapable of discipline. I write when something makes a strong claim on me."

  • "One of the biggest problems I've been having lately is my internal (or infernal) editor sitting on my back looking over my shoulder like a highly literate monkey. This monkey is hungry for words but it is very selective about which words…."

    First in a series of posts dedicated to getting that monkey off your back.

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