Hook Short Story contest winners!

Here’s how they roll at WriterHouse:

We didn’t sweep the contest, but two out of three isn’t bad!

In late January, WriterHouse issued a challenge to our members: submit a story to the Hook Short Story Contest and make us proud. On March 18, when the Hook announced the results, two WriterHouse members (and members of the WriterHouse board) were in the winner’s circle. Rachel Unkefer took first prize and Christy Strick, third prize.

John Grisham, who judged the competition, called Unkefer’s story, “Remote Control,” “timely and sad and instantly believable.” About Strick’s story, “Like Family,” he said, “A very funny story about an unlikely encounter between two strangers who share family secrets.”

Profiles of the authors are on the Hook website. The third place story will be published in the Hook later this year.


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