links for 2009-03-31

  • "To mark the publication of the newest anthology edited by Michael Sims, The Penguin Book of Gaslight Crime: Con Artists, Burglars, Rogues, and Scoundrels From the Time of Sherlock Holmes, Art Taylor hosts a Q&A and gets Sims talking about all manner of subjects, but especially the sheen that past deeds and writings take on years after the fact…"

    You might remember Sims from last year's Festival of the Book.

  • "I've come to believe that important relationships in the life of a writer are never really separate from our writing. Witness the following round-up of rants, venting and whining I've collected from various writers I know over the past few weeks. I thought I'd take a stab at a few; and in case you think I don't include myself in this list, or that I've got it all figured out, think again…."

    Kind of a "Dear Abby" for those tricky writer/significant other issues.

  • "In September my next YA novel will come out, CRAZY BEAUTIFUL, a contemporary re-visioning of Beauty & the Beast told in he-said/she-said fashion about a boy with hooks for hands and a gorgeous girl who meet on their first day at a new school. Now, about those hooks…"

    A story about what authors should let go, and what they should hold on to with both hooks.

  • "It’s been a while, so I figured it’s about time for another round of entertaining customer stories. I also figured that if I went ahead with this post it might encourage a certain coworker (he knows who he is) to finally write up the adventure he had more than a month ago so we can finally share it with you. Trust me, it’s funny. Until then, here are a few fun ones…."

    I am always struck wordless by these stories.

  • "2666 is probably a novel that’s more about the experience of reading it, and this particular experience might defy description by either its supporters or its detractors. As a result you shouldn’t take anybody’s word for it, least of all mine. The only way to get a handle on this book is to open it up and start reading."

    We're down to the finals.

  • “We also understand that people such as yourself write blurbs and then sell the galleys afterwards, as a form of compensation — and we don’t have a problem with that.”

    Authors, take a gander at this post. You might be missing out on the lucrative blurbs-for-galleys underground economy!

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