links for 2009-04-01

  • "Writing and Depression. The connection, and the list of authors who exemplify it, is compelling. For those of us drawn to writing, or the creative life in general, the odds are high that depression in some form is going to be part of the deal. Ask JK Rowling, or William Styron, or most of the bestseller list, or that kid down the hall who likes tinkering with short stories. It's here and many of us will have to live with it. It'd be, well, depressing, except for the immensely encouraging corollary:

    It's entirely possible to live a fulfilling creative life even in the face of depression."

    Colin Rowsell is hosting a discussion about writers and depression. This is one I'll be following with great interest.

  • "When you're a fiction writer, your work is judged primarily on its literary merit. Can you tell a story? Can you create likeable characters? When you're a straight up reporter, your work is judged on its accuracy and clarity. When you're a memoirist, you get the triple word score bonus of being assessed for your characters, storytelling, reportage, and overall merit as a human being. Welcome to the Glutton for Punishment Club; it meets right here!"
  • Video and audio from this year's festival has been posted.
  • The Rooster, he has crowed, and mighty was the crowing of him. See the winner of the ToB.
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