William Cochran on The Power of Seeing Differently

Anyone seeking to tap into their creativity will be inspired by Mr. Cochran’s talk. Cochran himself did not become an artist until well into adulthood and is skeptical of the concept of “natural genius.” I wish I could also post the slideshow that went with this talk; if you have a minute, click on a few of the links to get an idea of what he has accomplished. Many thanks to the Jefferson Society and Charlottesville Podcasting Network for making this recording available.

Jefferson Society: William Cochran on The Power of Seeing Differently

William Cochran

William Cochran addressed the Jefferson Literary and Debating Society on Friday, February 20, 2009, drawing on his work as a public landmark artist to illustrate his lecture, “The Power of Seeing Differently.” Afterwards he took questions from the audience.

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William Cochran creates landmark public artworks in paint, glass, masonry, bronze, steel, stone and light. These projects frequently engage the community directly in the creative process. They explore local history and the meaning of place in ways that illuminate common ground. The artworks are carefully woven into their social and architectural environments, yet they retain a strong sense of the human hand.

William and his partner Teresa work with a wide range of government, private, community-based and non-profit organizations to develop and implement these projects. This work often involves master planning and visioning processes for public art and placemaking.

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