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links for 2009-04-09

  • Steal a glimpse of the cover of Coetzee's Summertime:

    "But first, more news on Summertime. We’ve got a first book cover, shown here, plus the blurb, which begins, “a young English biographer is working on a book about the late writer, John Coetzee…” Apparently, it’s the third book in the Youth/Boyhood trilogy."

    Via The Elegant Variation (http://marksarvas.blogs.com/elegvar/2009/04/coetzee-cover.html)

  • The barbarians are at the gate when it comes to Roman numerals:

    "And so the mask slips! Suddenly Chicago, which carefully affects a tone of pragmatism and flexibility—shying away from too much prescription, noting exceptions to all its rules—speaks with the pinched consternation of a Roman aristocrat who’s just been hand-fed one too many figs. The barbarians are at the gate! Someone man the sentry posts and reinforce the locks! (Seriously, “a barbarism?” Is this The Chicago Manual of Style or Lady Windermere’s Fan?…) And the funny thing is, what sent them over the edge wasn’t a misplaced modifier or a nicety of diction or even an aspect of English at all, but the formatting of a now-ornamental numbering system borrowed from an archaic civilization."


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