Hey, that’s me on the teevee

Roving reporter Marijean reports:

Charlottesville Blog of the Week on CBS-19

Tonight on WCAV CBS-19, I’ll be talking about Elizabeth McCullough’s C’ville Words blog. You can tune in and watch it live, using that box in your living room, or watch it streaming online around 6:30pm Eastern.

THIS JUST IN: according to staff at the Newsplex, we should have a video clip to post after the fact so, yes, Virginia (and Missouri, Illinois, Florida, Ohio, Massachusetts, Michigan and London, England, YOU, TOO will be able to get your MjTV). How nice, to be able to watch on your own time.

Of course it is now too late to watch it live, but I’ll post the clip here if CBS puts it on their site. Meanwhile, catch up on past Blogs of the Week. Many many thanks to Marijean for picking me!


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  1. Many thanks for being my victim, er, blogger of the week!

    Video’s up http://www.stlworkingmom.com/2009/04/15/cville-words-on-cbs-19/ You can grab the embed code and add it to this post.

    Hope this helps many more readers and writers to find your wonderful blog!

  2. Supposed to be reading the doc’s literature on chemotherapy which I start today, but found your site through Writer’s House and Wistar’s Blog so am reading your stuff instead. A lot more interesting.

    By the by, I’m shamelessly self-promoting my recent Amazon status in their novel contest. Went from one of 5000 entries through quarterfinals of 500 to the semi-finals on April 15. 100 unpublished novels remain, from which they’ll choose 3 finalists to fly to Seattle for final ceremony where Penguin Putnam offers a publishing contract to the winner. In my novel CATCHER, CAUGHT the 16 year old boy with leukemia runs with Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye as he deals with friendship, love, independence, identity and dying. Anyone can read the excerpts at the Amazon shorts site, here’s the link to mine: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B001UG3A64.

    I’m an old dog, but don’t mind learning the new tricks. Internet connections are an amazing thing, and I’ve made some wonderful new friends. Thanks for listing my site. Now I’ll have to see if I can remember how to do that from my blog.

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