links for 2009-04-14

  • "Amazon breached that social contract. The breach was no less problematic if it wasn’t entirely intentional…. Because in a world where whiteness and straightness are “norms” and males benefit from our patriarchial history, it is always the GLBTQ books, the queer books, the non-normative books that get caught in the glitches, the ham-fisted errors."

    I agree: Behind the "ham-fisted" coding mistake there were other mistakes of arrogance and prejudice.

  • From Shelf Awareness:

    "We have put up our display of 'Books Amazon Doesn't Want You to Read.'"–@Vromans tweet in reaction to Amazon's de-ranking of LGBTQ books (Shelf Awareness, April 13, 2009). In a subsequent bookstore blog post titled, "Amazonfail & The Cost of Freedom," Vroman's observed that "independent publisher sales rep John Mesjak put it best when he tweeted this statement: 'I haven't read all of #amazonfail, so I am likely repeating, but my takeaway: this S#!T happens with monoculture gatekeepers. Go IndieBound!'"

    Some folks know how to work that Internet.

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