links for 2009-04-16

  • 'But "Hamlet" as produced by the American Shakespeare Center and currently appearing at the Blackfriars Playhouse? Ah, that's fresh ground. If you're looking for a couple of hours of engrossing story, strong overall performances, creative staging and one hell of a good title character, this show decidedly is a must-see.'

    Agreed. Try to see it with Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead, if you can — same actors play the same roles in both plays.

  • "PLENTY of authors dream of writing the great American novel. Bradley Inman wants to create great fiction, dramatic online video and compelling Twitter stream — and then roll them all into a multimedia hybrid that is tailored to the rapidly growing number of digital reading devices. Mr. Inman, a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur, calls this digital amalgam a “Vook,” ( and the fledgling company he has created with that name just might represent a possible future for the beleaguered book industry.'

    Interesting. HT: Dan the Man.

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