Upcoming readings at New Dominion Bookshop

Upcoming readings and signings at New Dominion Bookshop:

April 29 (Wednesday) at 12:15 PM

Faith Andrews Bedford, Little Girls in Matching Dresses: And Other Tales of Mothers, Daughters and Grandmothers

May 1 (Friday) at 12:15 PM

Michael Blumenthal, And


Wednesday, April 29 at 12:15 PM

Faith Andrews Bedford

Little Girls in Matching Dresses

And Other Tales of Mothers, Daughters and Grandmothers

A beautifully packaged celebration of mothers and daughters that will touch the heart—written by former Country Living columnist Faith Andrews Bedford. From the joyous chaos of raising small children to the thoughtful adventure of being a grandmother who “tells the stories,” Andrews Bedford’s charming essays capture motherhood in all its complexities and expressions. Drawing on unforgettable memories from both her Midwestern childhood and her married life in a village near the Blue Ridge Mountains, Faith explores the pleasures of everyday life within the family and the traditions that unite the generations. From her touching recollection of the matching “sister dresses” she and her siblings received every Easter to her uniquely clever method of teaching her kids to write thank you notes, Andrews Bedford lovingly captures the triumphs of being a mom.

“Each essay ends on an uplifting note …. There’s more: the joy of capturing fireflies and going fishin’, and a lovely essay on the benefits of taking a walk with a child …. There are lots of heart-warming essays in ‘Barefoot Summers,’ along with reflections and ruminations.”

Charlottesville (VA) Daily Progress

Faith Andrews Bedford wrote the “Kids in the Country” column for Country Living. Her essays have appeared in Reader’s Digest and several of the Chicken Soup books, as well as many other magazines and newspapers. A mother of three grown children and grandmother of seven, Faith and her husband live in St. Petersburg and spend the summers in Virginia on a honey farm nestled at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. At the University of Virginia’s Institute for Lifelong Learning, she teaches a course entitled “From Memories to Memoirs.”


Friday, May 1 at 12:15 PM

Michael Blumenthal


Through Michael Blumenthal’s eyes we gain a renewed, childlike wonder at everything from plants, trees, and relationships, to the most fundamental word in our vocabulary: AND. Michael Blumenthal uses the conjunction – AND – to unify this new collection and create a incantatory, sonorous rhythm to his work. The result is a book of poems-as-hymns-and-praises.

“Brazen, humble, sly, disarming, stalwart, sweet: conjunction’s fine continuo. These large-hearted poems take an all-embracing and for both motto and creed. ‘More life!’ they sing, even as they survey the major and minor wreckage life has dealt us. More life is what they generate too, unspooling lines as beautifully cadenced and sustained as any i know. This And is a gift.”

—Linda Gregerson

Michael C. Blumenthal is a poet and educator who has also ventured into essays, memoirs, and fiction. Among his better-known verse collections are Days We Would Rather Know and Dusty Angel. His novel Weinstock among the Dying casts a baleful eye at academia, while his nonfiction ranges from When History Enters the House: Essays from Central Europe to a remembrance of his youth, All My Mothers and Fathers: A Memoir. Blumenthal once commented: “Like many poets, I came to my vocation, one might say, ‘through the back door,’ having struggled through years of seemingly desirable yet (to me) unsatisfying jobs, while ‘stealing’ the time for my true work. The original impetus for my writing, perhaps, was best reflected in a statement made by Robert Mezey—‘I am a man, a Piscean, and unhappy, and therefore I make up poems’—but I feel, now, that my work derives from the healthier (and happier) desire to tap the sources of my own inner wisdom, and to make music of it.”


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