WriterHouse places third in Wordplay

Wordplay busts out trivia teasers | Charlottesville Daily Progress

After six rounds of stumpers at Thursday evening’s Wordplay quiz at the Omni Hotel Charlottesville, some 36 teams were faced with the grand finale: What number do you get when you add the number of a spider’s legs to the highest number on Spinal Tap’s dial to the age of Elvis when he died to the year Munich hosted the summer Olympics, minus the number of dots on the Domino’s Pizza logo?

“If everyone’s ready? For Wordplay 2009,” intoned co-host Rick Daniels of radio station WINA 1070. “Do the math.”

The answer? If you add eight plus 11 plus 42 plus 1972 and subtract three, you’ll get 2030.

“And now for the 2009 Wordplay grand champions of the universe,” Daniels said. “And that would be …”

“That would be the Hook!” finished co-host Jane S. Foy of WINA.

A three-person team from the weekly newspaper’s staff took the top spot, followed closely by a team called The Three R’s (with Kate Redding Brown, Joe Redding and Faye Redding) and by a team from the nonprofit literary organization WriterHouse.

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True, you once knew us as the CHERCH Ladies, but this year Rachel, Catherine, and I decided to mix it up a little and play as The Team Formerly Known as the CHERCH Ladies, Now Playing Under the Auspices of WriterHouse. It was a tough and close game, but we pulled out a third place finish.

And just for the record, I still think the answer should have been “Taipei.” I’d also like to take this opportunity to apologize to the late Strother Martin.

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