links for 2009-04-27

  • The post lists 20 contenders — impossible to choose just one.
  • "[Q] From Chris Coolbear: I have heard the expression 'cuts no ice' once or twice, but never knew where it came from until just recently. I was reading The Fortune of War by Patrick O’Brian, and found it was there explained as being “a variant upon the Iroquois katno aiss’ vizmi — I am unmoved, unimpressed”. I am not sure whether this is true, but having read many of Patrick O’Brian’s books and the historical accuracy that he put in them, I think that this may well be the correct derivation of this phrase.

    [A] Oh, very droll. You have fallen victim to Mr O’Brian’s sense of humour, as expressed through one of his characters. …"


  • "The dust jacket had apparently lain unknown in the Bodleian’s collection for over a hundred years, since the library had acquired it in an estate sale in 1892. However it is not exactly what we think of today as a dust jacket…"

    An interesting little artifact.

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