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links for 2009-04-30

  • "Exclusive: Download the eBook of What Price Liberty? and pay what you think is fair.

    Available exclusively from April 27 until the official publication date of June 4, 2009, you can download the eBook and set your own price. How much will you pay?"

    Give it away, give it away, give it away now. My guess is that people, given the choice, will do the right thing and pony up.

  • Love this project:

    "Here’s a quick and easy way to re-use a cereal box and make a useful journal from it. Ever use the Moleskine notebooks? I love them, so thought I’d make some of my own with materials that I had around the house. There are lots of possibilities for this project. You could stamp or print the cover, paint it, add a collage or a simple drawing, or use decorative paper to cover the inside. This would also make a fun project for the kids – they could decorate the covers and write a story."

    The designer uses a sewing machine, but you could also drill the holes with a sharp object and sew by hand — even use a bit of fancy ribbon. Via LifeHacker.com

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