links for 2009-05-08

  • "My hope is that some of those who appreciate and admire the works of my father will find it illuminating in respect of Old Norse poetry in general, in his own treatment of the fierce, passionate and mysterious legend, and in this further and little known aspect of him as both philologist and poet. Above all I hope they will take pleasure in this poetry."
  • "Now online (, the result is a fascinating look at the author's writing process, revealing all of Flaubert's deletions, corrections and marginalia. It's also one of the Web's most exciting examples of a collaborative literary undertaking. Working over two and a half years, a team of 130 unpaid enthusiasts from 13 countries deciphered every word in Flaubert's sometimes savagely scratched-out handwriting. Since its launch in April, the site has been so swamped by visitors that its counting device crashed."

    Doing the Internet up right.

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