links for 2009-05-20

  • "One star Amazon reviews of classic movies, music and literature. Today we take a look at Gone With The Wind…"

    E.g., "Had nothing (repeat, NOTHING) to do with the Cival War. If you want a movie about the Cival War then watch GLORY, the best Cival War movie ever made. It is nothing more than an Episode of Dynasty with nice sets and costumes."

    VERY nice sets and costumes, I might add. HT: Very Short List (

  • An archive of Cormac McCarthy's work papers was opened for research purposes May 18 at the Southwestern Writers Collection of Texas State University-San Marcos. The Guardian reported that the "Pulitzer prize-winning author's notes, handwritten drafts and correspondence for each of his 10 novels are included in the archive . . .

    "Along with his unfinished novel, which has a working title of The Passenger–access to which is restricted until it is published–the Cormac McCarthy Papers also include an unproduced screenplay, Whales and Men. The Southwestern Writers Collection also has right of first refusal to purchase all future materials relating to work by McCarthy, who it said was in the process of writing three new novels."

    Great news about the upcoming books, and what a treasure trove for research.

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