links for 2009-05-23

  • "Get your free 14-day trial membership of Gabfest sponsor, which includes a credit for one free audiobook, here. This week there's something even better than a recommendation for a good book: a free copy of Good Book, by David Plotz and recorded by David Plotz. As a special gift from the Gabfest and Audible for both new and existing Audible members and Gabfest fans, everyone can go online and download Good Book from this special URL, active for one week only starting Friday, May 22: Download it and enjoy it, and we also hope that Gabfest fans who are not yet Audible subscribers will follow the link at the top of this paragraph and sign up today."

    See for links. Via @mdash at Twitter.

  • "Apple has rejected Eucalyptus, an ebook reader that facilitates downloading public domain books from Project Gutenberg, because some Victorian books mention sex (many of these same books can be bought as ebooks through the iPhone Kindle reader or purchased as audiobooks from the iTunes store). It's amazing to think that in 2009 a phone manufacturer wants to dictate which literature its customers should be allowed to download and read on their devices."

    It's enough to give me the vapours. Quick, to the fainting couch!

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