Virginia Playwrights Initiative | Hamner Theater

Check the VPI website for more information and a schedule of readings:

The Virginia Playwrights Initiative (VPI) is a part of the Hamner Theater’s continuing mission to foster new works for the stage, specifically those by Virginia playwrights. VPI provides a venue for the playwright to workshop, rewrite and rehearse a new script with a company of experienced actors, a director and a dramaturg.

Over a period of three weeks (or more, depending on re-write time), the playwright participates in a process of readings, rehearsal, discussion and meetings with cast, director and dramaturg, culminating in a public staged reading.

Following the reading, there will be a discussion open to all. This discussion is an important part of the process, providing an opportunity for the playwright to understand the impact his play has had on the audience.

We are looking for promising but unfinished scripts by playwrights who are eager to revise and finish their scripts with the helpful input of directors and actors.

VPI is made possible in part by grants from the Virginia Commission for the Arts and the BAMA Fund.

Admission to all readings is Free.

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