links for 2009-05-27

  • "It is by now a legendary anecdote: Stanley Kubrick began adapting George’s dead-serious nuclear thriller Two Hours to Doom (released as Red Alert in the U.S.) and, suddenly struck by the ridiculousness of it all, transformed it into his seminal nightmare satire. So it may come as a surprise to anyone reading George’s novel today to discover just how much it actually resembles Dr. Strangelove—how much of the structure, incident, and character of the book has survived in the film. The similarities—and, naturally, the differences—offer a telling look at why Strangelove, currently playing (in a restored print) at Film Forum in New York, refuses to age, why its ability to provoke simultaneous laughter and terror remains undiminished, 45 years after its initial release."

    Great article on adaptation. [HT: DW]

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