links for 2009-06-01

  • In this week's review of the NYT Review, Levi Asher calls out a sweet bit of prose by Jonathan Miles on the subject of Mark Kurlansky's "The Food of a Younger Land":

    "The highlights of any road trip, of course, are the pit stops for food, and — on paper at least — I-95 should offer a cornucopia: Maryland crabs, North Carolina barbecue, Virginia ham, Georgia boiled peanuts. Yet as we’re all sourly aware, Interstate exits rarely, if ever, yield memorable culinary pit stops. Without strenuous preplanning, road food is almost always bad food, sad food, chain food, clown food."

    Well, except for that word "preplanning," ugh.

  • I'm a little down on Glimmer Train because of their no simultaneous submission policy, but I'll admit this new contest looks right up my alley:

    "Best Start is meant to encourage new writers to tackle that story! This category is different from our others in that the piece should be an engaging and coherent narrative, but it does not need to be a complete story; it needs to be an important part of a story in progress. You could think of it as a writing sample, but we hope you'll feel free to reach a bit. Maybe you're experimenting with a new voice, developing a character, working on clarity in a complex bit of plot or trying to make your dialogue believable and significant. You could be playing with point of view, working to build tension, or looking for a satisfying ending. Or you might be two pages into something brand new…."

    You could be a winner!

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