Book signing and art activities at New Dominion June 20

Coming up at New Dominion Bookshop:

Book-signing and art activities for children!

Author Carol Lemons and Illustrator Holly Smith,

will present their book of historical fiction

Matisse and the Boy Who Loved to Draw

Saturday, June 20 from 10 AM to 12 Noon

Carol Lemons and Holly Smith will be at New Dominion Bookshop to sign copies of their book and to give children the opportunity to participate in an art activity in the Matisse style.

Matisse and the Boy Who Loved to Draw tells the story of artist Henri Matisse in his later years as he created his “cut-outs” or collage paintings and as he designed the small Dominican Chapel of the Rosary in Vence, France. A young boy named John Paul, who also wants to become an artist, befriends Matisse and embarks on an adventure.

John Paul wants to draw everything he sees in his 1940’s South of France world. When he discovers that a famous artist, Henri Matisse, lives in the hotel where his mother works, John Paul comes up with creative ideas for befriending the busy artist. But will he get to see the great artist’s final masterpiece?

The book utilizes the actual techniques and materials that Matisse switched to late in life—dyed and painted sheets of paper cut into shapes. The work is layered, multi-colored, and has a physicality born of the separate pieces of paper that make up each image.

Ms. Smith and Ms. Lemons traveled to southern France to research and develop the book. The illustrations in the vivid colors and collage style of Matisse were created by artist and art teacher Holly Smith. Carol Lemon, a former kindergarten teacher, has written a text that is historically accurate and set in Nice and Vence, France. The two teachers used the book in the lower school classrooms at the Collegiate School to introduce Matisse to young students and present art projects in the Matisse style for them to do. These activities are introduced in the last section of the book, entitled “Now It’s Your Turn.”

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