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  • "LITCHFIELD – Four stories will be removed from an English class curriculum at Campbell High School after a group of parents complained about content that touched on cannibalism, cocaine use, abortion and homosexuality.

    "Stories by satirist David Sedaris, crime author Laura Lippman, horror novelist Stephen King and legendary American writer Ernest Hemingway were pulled from the curriculum a day after parents complained that their children should not be exposed to what they view as objectionable subject matter."

    Yes. The Hemingway story is indeed "Hills Like White Elephants." via


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  1. *heavy sarcasm*

    God forbid that American teenagers be exposed to anything that might sully their innocent minds.

    Parents like that give the rest of us a bad name.

  2. I completely disapprove of parents trying to dictate what students other than their own children will read in school. From an educational perspective, however, I think students will find Sedaris, King and Lippman on their own. I am glad that my child’s public high school has had him reading Arthur Miller, Fitzgerald, Twain, Shakespeare, Homer, Dreiser and Homer,to name a few required writers, in the last three years.

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