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links for 2009-06-23

  • "Carly Milner will share hers, if you'll share yours. Her books, that is. In fact, Milner has a whole list of books just ripe for the taking. It includes titles by such hot authors as Michael Chabon and Bill Bryson. All are nearly free for members of BookMooch, a Web site that connects readers interested in "mooching" from other people's libraries."

    I mooch — do you?

  • "22. Dabble in graphic design, writing, or architecture
    If you’ve lived in Charlottesville for over five years and haven’t headlined an art opening or a book signing, you’re in the minority. Our city must be built on some kind of creative bedrock, because here artistic pursuits are the norm and not the exception. We could estimate how many trust funds have been directed toward amateur hobbies, but you can’t put a price on personal fulfillment."

    And may I just say, if you're going to dabble in writing, there's no better place to dabble than WriterHouse.

  • "But we writers have a secret. We don't spend much time writing. There. It's out. Writers, by and large, do not do a great deal of writing. We may devote a large number of hours per day to writing, yes, but very little of that time is spent typing the words of a poem, essay or story into a computer or scribbling them onto a piece of paper…."

    So what do we do all day? Click on over and see. (Via HMV)

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