links for 2009-07-13

  • "Literature is thriving on the web. It’s not just for sale on mega-sites such as Amazon either, but being swapped, analysed and recommended by fellow bookworms. You can download page after page of free material, post your work online and — dare we say it — even catch the eye of a publisher."

    What, no Via Twitter

  • 'The point is, people don’t “turn up” looking for me, but I move books out of the store and make new fans….'

    Tips on how to run a successful booksigning event. Hint: This does not involve showing up at the last minute and throwing a hissy because your audience is too small. (I've seen this.)

  • I love it when Ed hosts these roundtables. Three cheers for the Internet!

    "Since present economic developments have caused nearly all of us to reconsider just how we spend our money, I selected Ellen Ruppel Shell’s Cheap for our latest roundtable discussion. For those readers who aren’t familiar with the roundtable discussions, this website will be devoting the entire week to discussing Ruppel Shell’s book, and we’ll be serializing the conversation in five chunky installments from Monday through Friday. The discussion, as you’ll soon see, got quite spirited at times. But the hidden costs of “cheap,” as it turned out, proved to be quite complicated. Be on the lookout for cameo appearances, some unexpected revelations, and a lengthy podcast interview with the author."

  • Virginia Postrel gives a shout-out to Waldo Jaquith in the NYT. She's also much too kind to "Free."

    '“Free” is a successful business speech between two covers, pleasant, upbeat and full of anecdotes and bullet points. It doesn’t bother with footnotes, something that got Anderson in trouble when Waldo Jaquith of The Virginia Quarterly Review caught him lifting passages from Wikipedia and other sources. (Anderson has apologized for the “screw-up.”) It’s stimulating but not uncomfortably challenging….'

  • News from friends on a writing retreat in Ireland. Sounds fantastic:

    "Day three of our stay at the Anam Cara Writers’ and Artists’ Retreat in southwest Ireland. Yesterday (Saturday) was our first full day, and there were torrential rains, so we didn’t get outside during the day. And you know how drowsy you get when it’s rainy and gloomy outside? Combine that with jet lag, and let’s just say it wasn’t our most productive writing day ever…."

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