I saw you reading

I saw you reading:

What: I don’t know. You weren’t holding the book up so I could tell.

Where: On the Downtown Mall.

When: This morning on my way to the post office.

Here’s the problem, citizens of Charlottesville: If you don’t hold your books up so I can read the cover, how can I feature you in “I Saw You Reading?” How can I point to the cultural signifiers of our town? Semiotics is at stake!


2 Responses

  1. What a great idea for a blog feature! I might just have to ste . . . er . . .borrow it!

    I found your blog via your very good review on IRB. I’ll poke around for while.

  2. Thank you! The Last Window-Giraffe? That was a tough one to review.

    Feel free to use “I saw you reading.” Let the word spread to every city and town!

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