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links for 2009-07-14

  • The Lament of the Nora Roberts Reviewer:

    'I'm the fall guy here — the stooge who's been assigned to review "Black Hills" — and whatever I say about Roberts is going to affect me a heck of a lot more than it's going to affect her. If I pan the novel, I come off as a snooty-pants literature professor, and I'll be deluged by e-mails from her ticked-off fans. If I gush over it, I'll be suspected of trying too hard to be just a regular gal, a self-conscious populist, like Sen. John Kerry on the campaign trail back in 2004, ordering a better class of cheese on his Philly cheese steak.'

  • "Books with quotations as titles are not usually very interesting (purely from a titular point of view), because after having uncovered the source of the quotation there is usually little else to say. But I’d like to make an exception for A Passage to India because the source of the quotation (and quotation it is) was, to me, very surprising. A Passage to India was lifted from the poem ‘Passage to India’ by Walt Whitman."

    I did not know that. Did you?

  • Good Housekeeping's Short Story Contest

    How it works:
    Enter at goodhousekeeping.com/shortstory by submitting a short story no longer than 3,500 words, on a theme that focuses on the lives of women today. Submission must be original, not previously published or a finalist for any other prize or award. Please include your full name, address, daytime phone number, and e-mail address.

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