links for 2009-07-19

  • "Why are possessives so popular in novel titles? Why, for instance, are there so many books titled along the same lines as The Memory Keeper’s Daughter or The Bone-Setter’s Daughter? The Time-Traveller’s Wife or The Astronaut’s Wife? Flaubert’s Parrot, Correlli’s Mandolin, and Wittgenstein’s Poker?"

    Care to take a guess?

  • "In these early pre-text days my story has more promise, more beauty, than I have ever seen in any novel ever written, because, sadly, this novel is not written. Then the time comes when I have to begin to translate ideas into words, a process akin to reaching into the air, grabbing my little friend (crushing its wings slightly in my thick hand), holding it down on a cork board and running it though with a pin. It is there that the lovely thing in my head dies…."
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