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links for 2009-07-28

  • "I’m offering to loan people copies of my forthcoming true-crime memoir, The Adderall Diaries. The book will be published in September, but if you send an email to adderall@therumpus.net I might send you an advance copy. Here’s the hitch, if I mail you a book I’ll also email you the address of the next person to send it to. You have a week to read it, then you have to send your copy to the next address priority mail."

    Interesting idea. He's already got over 300 people participating.

  • "Over the last five years, Henry Sene Yee’s vivid, playful cover design for the paperback edition of Tom Perrotta’s 2004 novel Little Children has clearly inspired many lawn-care-obsessed copycats, including this year’s dust jackets for Secrets to Happiness and Perfect Life. Consider some of the evidence…"

    And consider some of the classics EW reimagines with grassy covers…Via BookBalloon.com

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