September is Dahlia Lithwick Writes a Novel Month — and you can help!

Writing a novel can’t be that much harder than covering the Supreme Court and pushing out a regular Newsweek column — can it? Charlottesville journalist Dahlia Lithwick thinks so:

… I’d like to do the hardest thing I could imagine. Which is writing a novel and filing it chapter by chapter as I go. And that’s what I’m going to do, with you watching and helping. And I’m going to try to finish in less than four weeks….

Is it completely insane to try to finish a first draft of an entire novel in three weeks? I think so. Have I mentioned that as of this writing, our child care situation has gone from bleak to hopeless? Is there something quintessentially chick-lit-ish about trying to do something patently impossible and overreaching? Yes! But that’s where you come in. This project will rise or fall with your reader feedback: plot ideas, character ideas, funny stories about your nanny, funny stories about your wife or your e-mail. Suggestions for names, locations, twists, and resolutions are desperately sought. Send me your thoughts, encouragement, or dire warnings via e-mail, or post to our Facebook page. For instance, the first person to e-mail me the (not patently absurd) name of the protagonist’s divorce-lawyer husband gets to name the guy. Seriously. It will appear in Chapter 1. Same for the family pet. First name gets it. I am leaning toward a cat or a rabbit. (Your name will be published unless you specify otherwise.)

via I’m going to try to write a chick-lit novel in less than a month. I need your help. – By Dahlia Lithwick – Slate Magazine.

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