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WriterHouse: Josh Weil on “The Renegade Form”

Josh Weil on “The Renegade Form: The Case for the Novella in Contemporary Fiction”
Josh Weil Josh Weil spoke to an audience at WriterHouse on September 24 on the subject of “The Renegade Form: A Case for the Novella in Contemporary Fiction.” Josh also read from his debut collection of novellas, The New Valley. Set in the hill country between West Virginia and Virginia and written in strong, masterful language laced with tenderness, the novellas examine the strength and fragility of familial bonds and the yearning for human connection that runs through the lives of three different men in rural America.

JOSH WEIL was born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of rural Virginia, to which he returned to write the novellas in his first book, The New Valley.

Click here to listen Josh Weil on The Renegade Form

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