links for 2009-09-28

  • "Describe a typical day in your writing life.

    "When I think of my writing life, I think of life at the cabin in Virginia where I wrote all of the novellas in “The New Valley.” It’s where I do the bulk of my work, and if I’m lucky enough to have a month or two or six to yank loose from the rest of my life, this is how a day there goes by: I wake while it’s still dark, reach for a flashlight (I don’t like to turn the lights on), climb down the ladder from the attic, put a slice of toast in the toaster, put the coffee on, put a kettle of hot water on, too. I watch the burner’s blue flame. I stretch. The toaster pops. Out on the porch, the breeze blows up the valley…"

    Sounds like heaven to me.

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