links for 2009-10-01

  • "Screenwriters Megan Holley (Sunshine Cleaning), and Jeff Porro and Robert Eisele (The Great Debaters) will be joining other invited local and national industry professionals to ensure that all conference participants gain the skills, knowledge and connections they need to be successful. Workshops will demonstrate how to network, how to pitch your work and how to finance film projects in addition to offering the unique opportunity to have the first 10 pages of your script critiqued by producers. Preliminary October 17 schedule here. Preliminary October 18 schedule here. Conference will open with reception and screening of Sunshine Cleaning and a Q&A with Megan Holley on October 16."

    Follow the link to find out more. Via WriterHouse member newsletter (

  • "ASPEX is the world’s only SEM Elemental Analysis company that allows anyone to send in their sample to get scanned by our SEM. Ever wondered what something looks like under a scanning electron microscope? You’ve got to see it to believe it."

    They aren't kidding.

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