“Christmas Jars” author coming to New Dominion Bookshop

Coming to New Dominion:

Jason Wright will present selections from and sign copies of

his two new ‘Christmas Jars’ books,

Christmas Jars Reunion and Penny’s Christmas Jar Miracle

Friday, October 16 at 5:30 PM

The spare change movement that’s changing lives—How a growing holiday tradition is offering hope for needy families around the world this Christmas, while sparking a new spirit of giving in others.

In an economy where the upcoming holiday season appears that for many, it will be less than “merry and bright” and more people than ever will likely need some form of charitable assistance, a rapidly spreading Christmas tradition is bringing hope to thousands around the globe.

The Christmas Jars movement, begun in 2005, is aptly name after the New York Times bestseller Christmas Jars. With nearly a half-million copies in circulation, readers have adopted the tradition memorialized in the fictional tale—to fill a jar with spare change and then give it anonymously to someone in need at Christmas. The tradition lives on in author Jason Wright’s newest book, Christmas Jars Reunion.

What began as an experiment by the author’s family has now turned into a national “pay it forward” movement of giving. Hundreds of readers have emailed Wright, sharing their experiences of giving jars; he also has received many touching accounts from those receiving jars. “This small action has the potential to heal families, teach people how to give again, and show those who need help that they are remembered,” Wright said.

While there is no way of knowing just how extensive the ‘Christmas Jars’ movement has become, (the idea is to give a jar anonymously), Wright divulges that he’s aware of communities in 39 states across the country where jars are being given. He has also heard from individuals in Canada, England, Taiwan, Ukraine, and Italy.

Christmas Jars Reunion follows the story of Hope Jensen and her goal to place 1,001 jars of spare change with families in need. Among others helping her reach her goal is Clark Maxwell, a potential love interest, where romance has never been Hope’s strong suit. As Christmas day draws near, Hope learns the most important lesson of the Christmas Jar – that giving is really all about the “one.”

Wright is also trying to teach children to start the giving tradition early in life with his new children’s picture book, Penny’s Christmas Jar Miracle. Featuring beautiful illustrations by Ben Sowards, Penny’s Christmas Jar Miracle tells the story of a little girl whose Christmas Jar blesses an entire neighborhood. Penny Paisley gets to choose what to do with the family Christmas Jar, and she has something special in mind. “Instead of just giving our jar to only one person and one family, what if we gave it to the entire neighborhood?” Penny said. “We could use the Christmas Jar money to have the biggest and best party anyone has ever been to. No one will ever forget it!” To earn money for the Christmas Jar, Penny sets up a hot chocolate stand in front of her house. Mr. Charlie, the kind elderly man across the street, is her best customer. He even helps her make invitations for the party. But when Mr. Charlie becomes ill, Penny sets a new plan in motion and gets the whole neighborhood involved. Yes, this will be a Christmas and a party that no one will ever forget! In Penny’s Christmas Jar Miracle, children will not only learn about compassion and service but, most important, they’ll see that no matter what your age, you can make a difference in the life of someone else.

About the Author Jason Wright is the New York Times bestselling author of Christmas Jars and The Wednesday Letters. He’s also a political commentator whose editorials have appeared in newspapers nationwide. Jason has appeared on FoxNews, CNN, and on dozens of local and national radio shows. He is the founding editor of PoliticalDerby.com. He lives with his wife, Kodi, and their four children in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

The Christmas Jars movement is now in 39 states, and 6 countries outside the United States. For more information about this movement, to read real-life accounts of Christmas Jars, and to learn more about author Jason Wright,

visit ChristmasJars.com.

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