links for 2009-10-12

  • "Festival Announces 2009 Line-Up: Special Guests To Include Actors Annette Bening, Matthew Broderick and Cherry Jones; Academy Award-Winning Director Norman Jewison, Legendary Cult Filmmaker and Author John Waters, Academy Award and Emmy Award-Winning Writer and Director Alan Ball, Noted CNN Political Commentator Candy Crowley and Others"


  • "Once we get back from Frankfurt, we’d like to see you on morning talk shows like the “Today” show and “The View,” so please get yourself booked on them and keep us “in the loop.” If I’m not here—which I won’t be, since after the book fair I go on vacation for two weeks—just tell Jenni, my assistant, when she gets back from jury duty…."

    How book publicity is done. Try to remember it's a humor piece.

  • "We're pleased to present as a special feature this week a poem by Jnanam MacIsaac, of Charlottesville, VA, the winner of the Green Poems contest. The poem, “Pesticidal” will be made into a limited-edition letterpress broadside by VABC artists…. Poems were to engage the chosen theme—green—in any sense or context."
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