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links for 2009-10-16

  • "If you love your book, set it free. Frustrated by the old advance copy review system, author Stephen Elliott broke one of the old rules of book publicity–giving advance copies of his book to anyone who asked…."

    Check out the video. I was one of the 400 people who asked. I received the book from the previous reader right on time, read it (it was great!), sent it on to the next reader, and now Stephen is coming to Charlottesville next week to speak at WriterHouse while sipping soda! Everybody's talking about "books and social media" — this is "books AS social media"!

  • "I find the great die-off of American newspapers one of the dullest subjects imaginable, because it’s almost universally discussed in dishonest terms. They’re not simply dying off; they’re committing suicide. Perhaps it’s time. Most long ago abandoned the radical mess of democracy for polite participation in establishment consensus. Sure, the biggest papers occasionally throw a punch, and the little ones occasionally reel in a local pol; but they do so in the service of order, not revelation. They’re high church, in the worst sense, deacons shushing the pews."

    What do you think?

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