links for 2009-12-31

  • "My favorite writing exercise involves the revision of a single sentence about a funeral service held at the Georgia Aquarium for a beluga whale, dead from a bacterial infection. The loss of the charismatic mammal was deeply felt and inspired a public ceremony of mourning. Mark Davis covered the event for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a moving account that included this sentence: The crowd gathered and knelt around the 12-foot creature."

    An interesting discussion of how to rewrite a sentence and why.

  • Wheel…of…Letterature! Give the big wheel a spin, and see if you can beat the computer by guessing the titles of classic works of literature.


  • "I could understand Publishers Weekly's phallocratic list if women were writing only a third of the books published or if women didn't float the industry as book buyers or if the list were an anomaly. In fact, Publishers Weekly is in sync with Pulitzer Prize statistics. In the past 30 years, only 11 prizes have gone to women. Amazon recently announced its 100 best books of 2009 — in the top 10, there are two women. Top 20? Four. Poets & Writers shared a list of 50 of the most inspiring writers in the world this month; women made up only 36 percent."

    HT: RU

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