Celebrate poetry at The Bridge April 19

Check out this poetry event at The Bridge next Monday night:


Monday, April 19, 2010, 7PM:

Come celebrate National Poetry Month with a quick-moving and casual poetry reading. Ten to twenty readers, each bringing to the podium one poem of their own, and one beloved piece by another poet. A collision of writing worlds, this reading will feature folk from all corners of Charlottesville and other nooks of Virginia, and beyond. It will include both the unaffiliated, and those with affiliations ranging from UVA’s undergraduate and MFA programs to WriterHouse to WordSmith Poetry and more. With this many voices in the room, you will find at least one new loved poem you didn’t even know you were looking for. We present you with the polyphony of contemporary American poetry, the gems we ourselves couldn’t forget, a series of poems as varied as any Ginsberg litany. Please lend us your ears.

Readers will include: Joanne Mosuela, Sarah Rosen, Sean Kelly, Liz Pettit, Browning Porter, Joe Chapman, Julia Hansen, Sierra Bellows, Jazzy Danziger, Christa Romanosky, Aja Gabel, Ebony Walden, Adam Flake, Suzanne Saxon, Atain Ibia, Gary Johnson, and Michele Miller.

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