Avery Lawrence at New Dominion Bookshop May 6

Coming to New Dominion Bookshop:

Avery Lawrence will discuss and display his artwork used

in the new editions of Homer’s

Iliad & Odyssey

The Alexander Pope Translation

in numerated Greek and English

Thursday, May 6 at 5:30 PM

The publisher of these new editions, Chester River Press, assembled a uniquely qualified team of scholars to guide them and to edit the Homeric and Pope texts.

With an Introduction written expressly for these editions by the preeminent Pope scholar, Steven Shankman, the two books include more than 50 tipped-in color plates drawn in the Greek vase style by Avery Lawrence. Mr. Lawrence captured specifically requested scenes from the Homeric masterpieces to echo the narrative of the texts.

Barry B. Powell, Halls-Bascomb Professor of Classics Emeritus, University of Wisconsin, edited the Monro-Allen Homeric Greek text for accuracy.

The work is published as a slip-cased set. Each of the 48 Books of the Iliad and Odyssey is introduced by Mr. Lawrence’s vase paintings. Smaller medallions appear throughout the book.


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